Best Spherical Bearings for Bridges are Here!

If you are looking for a place to buy high-quality spherical bearings for bridges or bearing pads for bridges then Eco Engineering Solution is for you!

Established in 1997, Eco Engineering Solution aims to provide comprehensive supply solutions to the construction industry. Representing leading manufacturers from Europe and the US made us capable of achieving the highest standards using the latest innovative technologies expanding our scope to even a turnkey solution.

Strategically located in UAE with affiliate offices providing local support, we cover the territories of GCC countries and Iraq.

Let’s see why construction industries are relying on Eco Engineering Solutions for their spherical bearings for bridges, instrumentation, sensors, machine safety, and connectivity products.

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Excellent Service Combined with Technical Expertise

Eco Engineering Solutions is always up-to-date with the changing technology and our professional team of designers, engineers and operation experts bring to you a range of high-quality services that are required to carry any heavy duty work.


Eco Engineering Solution is with you right from the start of your project. They not only assess the full picture of your project requirements but help you finalize the design, construction, operation planning, and maintenance and upgrade when applicable.

Design & Engineering

At Eco Engineering Solutions, you find the most custom-made solutions based on your specific requirements, process, and objectives. All you get is an optimized design for bearing pads for bridges that are also technically supported.


Eco Engineering Solutions provide you with spherical bearings for bridges that are manufactured using the innovative technologies and solutions that are developed to improve the cost of ownership, process efficiency and sustainability by the world leading partners in the engineering industry.


Eco Engineering Solutions understand the value of your time; supported by large manufacturing capacities & local logistic department, we ensure timely and efficient supply chain solutions so you get right delivery of your product at the right time.

Site Supervision

We are a team of highly trained and certified engineers who ensure the installation of bearing pads for bridges is done accurately and in due respect of our safety and environmental guidelines.

So, you see how reliable and trusted are the services offered by Eco Engineering Solutions. We are with you in every step; helping you in assessment to designing to manufacturing to supply to site supervision.

We also take care of the quality spherical bearings or bearing pads for bridges. The best quality spherical bearings are available with Eco Engineering Solutions.

Road Safety Accessories and Products from Eco Engineering Solutions

Eco engineering solutions provide incredibly reliable Road safety accessories and road safety products to the city of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE and other western countries. We design a range of such accessories which play a significant part in mitigating the traffic congestion. In this post, we will be giving a brief overview of our road safety accessories.

  1. Traffic Mirrors: – They play a vital role in preventing any tragic accidents especially where pedestrians converge with the traffic like the areas of warehouses and the parking areas etc.

Our Traffic Mirrors are designed to withstand the toughest of weather which also includes the environment with many chemicals.

Apart from saving thousands of lives (if not millions), the traffic mirrors also play a significant part in improving the flow of traffic.

  1. Boom Barrier: – The barriers allow sophisticated movement of the traffic especially in places like the Toll system, automatic parking system and card access system etc. They are a perfect system for allowing only relevant individuals to pass through a given place.

The advantage about them is that they occupy minimum area and does not dampen the aesthetic appeal of that place in a significant way. They can be placed and removed without fixing them to the ground with nuts and bolts.

Eco engineering solutions provide both manuals as well as electric boom barrier.

  1. Road Signs: – Road designs provide urgent notification to the incoming traffic. They are erected on the side of the road.

Eco designs attention-grabbing Road signs with the help of a unique pattern or design. The road signs are perfect for areas like highways/ roads with steep curve ahead, for taking a right (or left) turn at the parking slot, at the factories and the industrial areas, etc.

How Should The Road Signs Be?

Needless to say but the Road signs (and especially the mandatory ones) should be eye-grabbing with an aesthetic design. They should be resistant to the UV, moisture and harsh temperatures.

road safety accessories, products

    1. Anti-Skid Coatings: – These coatings are available in a variety of colors. Anti-skid coatings are essential at places where the road is slippery especially at the parking places and walking ramps. Anti-skid coatings from the Eco engineering solutions are long-lasting due to the high strength epoxy.
    1. Solar Signals and Street Lights: – Solar is an abundant resource for providing electricity to the lighting system and signs on roads which are not in the proximity of the power grid. These systems are eco-friendly and are incredibly reliable as they are not dependent on the conventional source of electricity.

Eco engineering solutions provide solar signals and street lights which have hassle-free installation and maintenance too. These systems are highly efficient and are ideal for Street campus of educational institutions, places which do not have a power source and other similar areas.

Contact Eco Engineering Solutions for Road Safety Accessories

We are a renowned provider of Road safety accessories and products in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. We mainly engage with the corporates or the governments for providing our road safety accessories. For more information, you can reach us at

Highway Guardrails from Eco Engineering Solutions

Highway Guardrail

The importance of a Highway Guardrail can never be underestimated as they are capable of preventing fatal accidents on the highway. Eco Engineering Solutions provides customized Guardrail solutions from reputed providers across the world.

Imperative zones on highways for installing the Guardrails

Guardrails are always important especially on the unusual terrains which can be devastating for the drivers. There is a myriad of ways that a guardrail can be a life saviour such as deflecting the vehicle back onto the highway, degrading its speed to a safe level or completely stopping it. Most highway guardrails from Eco Engineering solutions are useful in halting the uncontrolled vehicle.

highway guardrail

What are Guardrails made from?

They are made from high end galvanized steel such as high strength- 12 and ten gauges. Such high quality of steel allows for adequate absorption of the impact of high-speed vehicles.

Why trust our highway guardrails?

In a life-threatening accident, there can never be a compromise on the quality of Guardrails. This is why we conduct destructive accidental tests in real life conditions. Our Guardrails are incredibly efficient in deflecting the car back onto the highway. However, any vehicle speeding above 80 MPH may not achieve the desired result from the guardrails.

There are two essential elements of the Guard Rail. One is the Guardrail face, and the other is the end terminal. The vital function of the guardrail face is to prevent the rolling of the high-speed motor vehicle whereas the end terminal works to absorb the head on impact.

Eco provides a variety of rail end treatments in varied types such as question mark and flared end.

Types of Guardrails which we provide

W Beam: – They are the standard highway guardrails which are used across the world and made from the gauge steel. Over the period, the beam gets deteriorated from weather and environmental conditions; therefore, we usually apply Zinc and other high-end coating materials for resistance.

Bolt-on rails: – They are inexpensive compared to the other guard rail systems but are usually not used for the highway to withstand the high impact moving vehicle.

Thrie-beam highway guardrail: – They are incredibly useful especially at the curve or slopes. They can be designed for any application and offers versatile design along with longer life.

As far as performance and versatility is concerned, we highly recommend them for the highways. Other advantages it offers is its low cost, elegant shapes and anti-corrosion properties and more importantly, the damaged part is easy to replace.

Why us?

We have been designing quality highway guardrail for more than two decades. Our engineered products are extensively used in many countries, and we are proud to provide the high-end safety measures to the people of United Arab Emirates. The design of our guardrails adheres to global standards and has saved thousands of lives across the world. Contact us for the installation and repair of Highway Guardrails at +971 2 6500855 or +971 2 6500877. Check out our website at

Aware of faulty construction errors for building a retaining wall? Know these here

Retaining walls provides the perfect lateral support to the soil masses. They are incredibly useful in preventing the sliding and erosion of the soil.

Depending on the site, several types of retaining walls are built like the cantilever walls, counterfort, and the gravity walls.

Educating yourself about the design and retaining wall installation may not sound compelling to you but if you are looking to build one, knowing the basics about the faulty design of the retaining walls can save you from the headaches later on.

In this post, we are going to elaborate on some of the mistakes that most companies make in building the retaining wall.

retaining wall blocks

  1. Trusting the contractors: – Contractors alone should never be trusted for building a stable retaining wall. And the reasons are apparent. They possess limited knowledge about the construction site for the retaining wall and outsource the work to the manufacturer who will never hassle enough to know about the soil parameters of the retaining wall installation site.
  2. Lack of soil information: – The retaining wall to be built depends on the soil type. The soft and organic soil sometimes needs to be improved at the site. It is essential to design the wall according to the condition of the soil and not vice versa.
  3. 3. Underestimating the global stability analysis: – If you are concerned about the micro rotation of walls and the soil behind it, then a GSA is must. Most contractors are inefficient (and careless too) in checking the global stability analysis. Global stability analysis gives predictions about the probability of remotest damage to the retaining wall in the near future due to the soil type and climatic conditions.
  4. Regulations and restrictions: – Although this is the job of the contractors, sometimes you need to put an extra effort from your end to know about the homeowner’s association regulations concerning the restrictions or guidelines you may have to adhere to for building the retaining walls.
  5. Lack of adequate footings: – Retaining walls exert a substantial force on the ground. A foundation is imperative to bear that load. A foundation of three times the width of the retaining wall is necessary. Pertaining to adequate footings will eventually cause the retaining walls to crumble sooner than later.
  6. Drainage: – Clogged up water in the soil can weaken the retaining wall over a period of time. It is essential that the drainage system not expel out the water straight away onto the retaining wall.

Crumbling of the retaining wall blocks

There are a plethora of reasons for the retaining wall blocks to crumble in future. Most prominent reasons include not assessing the site conditions thoroughly, choosing the building material arbitrarily and inadequate footings.

Call us for Retaining wall installation

Eco-engineering solutions provide quality analysis and construction of the retaining wall all over Abu Dhabi and the United Arab Emirates.

To get a free consultation and consultation for building the retaining walls, give us a call on +971 2 6500855, and our sales team will get in touch with you.

Cable Barrier System – The Life Savior

Tragedy often arrives unannounced. While being alert can prevent most of the fatal accidents, a reliable external preventive measure is a must for road accidents in today’s world where everyone is in a rush (for no apparent reason honestly).

A Cable barrier system, since their inception, has saved thousands of lives if not millions. They consist of either three or four high tension steel cables hanged on wooden poles.

cable barrier system

The poles are of small heights which are spread uniformly over the entire length of the road. Most fatal accidents such as car crashes usually take place at the weaving traffic; therefore, high tension Cable barrier systems need to be installed at such locations.

No. of Accidents in Abu Dhabi

Approximately 200 people die every year in Abu Dhabi in road accidents. 50 per cent of those accidents are due to the speeding crashes and crossing. An efficient Cable barrier system in Abu Dhabi can effectively reduce the fatal accidents.

Advantages of the Cable barrier system

  1. If we consider cable barriers v/s concrete barriers, the former are incredibly inexpensive to buy and maintain as compared to the latter.
  1. Very easy to install even on the sloped terrain.
  1. The fatality of the accident reduces significantly with a Cable barrier system. This is due to the transfer of the collision forces to the vehicle in the lateral direction.
  1. The quick fix of the Cable barrier system by ECO at an affordable price.

Less damage to the vehicle calls for lighter expenditure on repairing

Accidents accompany pain and often grief with themselves. A significant damaging repair cost to your vehicle adds salt to the wounds. However, thanks to the Cable barrier system, the collision forces are massively dampened due to high tensile steel wires which absorb the forces. The high tensile strength allows them to withstand the high pressure of the moving vehicle without breaking.

Why choose Eco as your Cable barrier systems suppliers?

We have been providing reliable engineering solutions for more than two decades. Our Cable barrier systems are extremely affordable. We are committed to providing the best preventive engineering solutions for accidental cases to the people of United Arab Emirates.

Why are we the best?

Our engineering solutions can be customized for every budget. Exceeding the client’s requirements is paramount to us. Fantastic communication and field work is where we excel. Eco has engineered many innovative solutions for the people, and our Cable barrier system is undoubtedly one among many. All our products pass exhaustive tests which are executed in real life scenarios instead of the ideal conditions.

Our Other Engineering Solutions

Apart from the Cable barrier system, our engineering solutions include structural devices, other road safety solutions, MSE walls & arch bridges. Eco has engineered a highly effective water filtration system.

Give us a call

Want to test our Cable barrier systems? Give a call to Eco at +971 2 6500855, +971 2 6500877 and one of our representatives will surely get back to you. We are willing to offer a high-end demo service of our Cable barrier system to the interested parties. For cable barrier installation, check out our website at

Construction Project Delays – How To Keep Up The Spirit Of Progress

When the tasks you plan with the team are not completed due to an abundance of construction project delays, the spirit of progress gets affected badly. Each hindrance seems petty if you observe it one by one but once things accumulate and one delay leads to another, the frustration kicks in and out goes the team’s high spirit of moving forward. The delays in construction projects can be due to a number of reasons may be a number of workers called in sick, they couldn’t make it to the site or maybe your team lacks skilled workers for the job at hand.

No matter what the cause of delay is, every delay results in piled up work, frustrated workers and management, ill tempers and a withering spirit of progress. The following tips perhaps can help your team put the spirit of progress back into your construction projects.

  1. It’s A Team Effort

It’s possible you and your team end up feeling helpless after a number of project delays and missed deadlines. The spirit of helplessness offends the spirit of progress therefore do not leave the frontline workforce. Do not let your ideas go to waste. Gather the entire team and request suggestions. Involve them in the discussions, hear out their opinions and stay open to multiple thoughts. When you let your team in and allow them to contribute in a positive manner the spirit of helplessness fades away and the spirit of progress takes its place. By involving the team in, the employees, you ensure everyone feels worthy, useful and successful and that affects the entire working spirit.

  1. Ensure Transparent Management

Favouritism is the enemy of merit and kills the spirit of progress. It disheartens the hardworking employees from putting in more effort when they know they are not being credited for anything or appreciated. Therefore never enable favouritism to become a cause for delays in construction project schedules. It wreaks havoc on innovation, team spirit, work habits and the progress. Ensure you maintain a transparent system and provide equal opportunity to every employee to realise success in career.

  1. Establish A System For Bonuses

Everyone has their lives and issues to deal with back at homes and in the offices too. Home-based financial burdens can crush an employee’s spirit, hopes and plans at their job and definitely affects deadlines, project delays and the spirit of progress. Make sure you look after your employees and have a system of bonuses set into place that gets them back on track and works as an incentive too.

  1. Eliminate The Causes of Delays

Have a good look around and see what improvement you can bring to your office. Modern construction companies and contractors make sure they have the latest technology and equipment to work with which reduces work stress and enhance results by manifolds. Eliminating the causes for construction project delays is still the best way to deal with the issue at hand and improve the spirit of progress.

Difference Between Hot, Warm, and Cold Mix Asphalt?

Asphalt is a mixture of coarse aggregate stone, sand, fine aggregate stone and petroleum-based asphalt cement used in building and construction. However, it’s not just one type of asphalt that is used in construction but depending on the mixing process and the temperatures maintained during the mixing process, asphalt mixtures can be divided into three different types: hot mix asphalt, warm mix asphalt and cold mix asphalt. Different temperatures and mixing affects the asphalt’s consistency and end result which could then be used for various processes as needed.

  1. Hot Mix Asphalt

Hot mix asphalt is made by heating the asphalt mix to 150-180 degrees Celsius temperature and pouring it at the same temperature. Hot mix asphalt is the most popular of the three asphalt mixes and is probably the one that is used in your house’s construction, every other building in your neighbourhood and the streets and highways in your town and city. Hot mix asphalt is highly water resistant and repels water. It is perfect to use in construction during hot days because it cools down really quickly and would be really hard to maintain its temperature on colder days.

Hot Mix Asphalt can be further divided into three types: dense-graded mixes, stone matrix asphalt and open grade mixes. Dense-grade asphalt mixes are called so because of the particle size of the aggregate used and are sub-divided into fine-graded mix which contains higher percentage of sand and small stones, and coarse-graded mix which contains lower percentage of sand and small stones.

  1. Warm Mix Asphalt

A third of all the paving projects use warm mix asphalt which is mixed and poured at temperatures between 90 and 120 degrees Celsius and requires fewer fuel resources in the making which makes it cheaper to manufacture as compared to the Hot Mix Asphalt and hence is available for a lesser price. Warm mix asphalt is more flexible in terms of use because it cools slower than hot mix asphalt which makes it great for use all year round, during the day or night, during summers and winters construction projects. Since it does not cool down as quickly as hot mix asphalt it can be shipped at lower temperatures over longer distances. It is used to pave roads, highways, interstates, cart paths, driveways and walking paths during the day or at night.

Lower manufacturing temperatures means less dust, smoke and fumes during the mixing process which makes it more environment-friendly and safe for workers’ health. This makes it safe to use in tunnels and places where air quality and quantity is low.

  1. Cold Mix Asphalt

Cold mix asphalt, as the name suggests does not need any heat or fossil fuels during the mixing process which makes it the most affordable option on the market. Although it’s cheaper than hot and warm mixes of asphalts, it does not last as long and hence cannot be used as a substitute for a formal repair that otherwise involve a hot mix or warm mix asphalt. It is typically used to repair an inch wide cracks and potholes that may pop up any time during the year.

4 Most Commonly Used Types Of Rollers For Compaction Work

Rollers are the commonly used construction equipment for compaction of soil, gravel, sand, and crushed stone layers, etc. They work on the basis of vibration, impact loading, kneading and by applying direct pressure on the respective layer. Depending on the project requirement and the type of work needed to be done, different types of rollers are used for compaction work. Here are some of the most commonly used rollers for soil compaction:

  1. Cylindrical Rollers
  2. Vibratory Roller
  3. Tamping Roller
  4. Smooth wheel Rollers


  1. Cylindrical Roller

Cylinder rollers are light rollers made of iron, concrete or stone and drawn by hand or bullocks. They come in different sizes but the most commonly used cylinder rollers are about 1 meter in diameter and about 1.5 meter long. They generate ground pressure of about 7 kg/cm2 and are perfect for light compressing work that does not require heavier equipment.

  1. Vibratory Rollers

Vibratory rollers consist of two smooth wheels or drums plus the vibrators. One of the two wheels is fixed at the front while the other one is on the rear side of the vibratory roller. Both wheels are identical, of same weight, length and diameter around 0.9 m to 1.5 m in diameter and 1.2 m to 1.8 m in width. A vibratory roller is used for compacting granular base courses as well as asphaltic concrete work without causing any air voids. It works by vibrating the particles, distributing them evenly and then compressing them into shape. To make a vibratory roller more efficient its vibrators are fixed with smooth wheel rollers.

  1. Tamping Roller

A Tamping roller consists of a drum having many round or rectangular shaped protrusions on it. These rollers come in different diameters and widths of drums and different lengths and shapes of protrusions. The most commonly used tamping roller has two drums 1.22 meters wide and 1.06 either as taper-foot or club-foot rollers as per the shape of the feet. Tamping rollers are most commonly used for compaction of cohesive soils such as heavy clays and silty clays but are not usually effective on sandy soils. Heavier compressing work can be done by increasing the weight of the drum either by filing it with water or damp sand.

  1. Smooth Wheeled Roller

A Smooth Wheeled Roller consists of a large steel drum in front and one or two wheels or drums on the back. It can either be called a Tandem Roller if it has one wheel in the front and one at the back or a Three Wheeled Roller if it has two wheels at the back and one in front. Weights of Tandem and Three Wheeled rollers vary from 2 to 8 tonnes and 8 to 10 tonnes respectively. These are perfect for doing heavier compressing works such as for consolidating stone soling, gravel, sand, hard core, ballast and surface dressings and can exert a pressure of about 10 to 17 kg/cm2 or higher. Their weight can be increased either by filling it with water or wet sand.

8 Questions You Need to Ask Before Hiring a General Contractor

Commercial building renovation is not a small project and can be a huge financial investment. Setting your expectations right with your contractor before you hire them will prepare you better for the process ahead. How do you do that? Ask them a few simple questions:

  1. What is their experience in the field and if they have done the particular kind of work you need for your house. It’s important they are experienced in the field because you do not want someone to experiment with your house.
  2. Are they working legally? Do they have a license they are working under as a general contractor? Are they insured? It’s important they are working legally and are fully covered by their insurance company in case any accidents happen.
  3. Will they be working alone or will they be hiring someone else as well? It’s important you know of anyone else who might be involved with your project. You do not want strangers lurking around your house.
  4. Ask them for their portfolios or contacts of their previous clients. You need to have a look at what kind of work your prospect contractor is capable of doing and how the experience of their clients with them was in the past.
  5. Can they provide you with a timeline of the project? Though unexpected problems may prolong the finishing time of your project but it is important you know realistic timeline for the entire project because you will be paying for all those days.
  6. Are they involved with any other project at the moment? This may result in divided attention and may impact your project but a professional knows how to handle all the balls in their hands and it doesn’t hurt to ask them either.
  7. Will they be handling all the legal documentation, processes and permits? Building a house or renovate one can involve a lot of legal documentation and permits and you cannot be around for all of them. It is better your contractor handles those matters since they are experienced but you should be a part of every permit and document that is signed.
  8. What material will be used? Since it’s the contractor that has a better understanding of the construction industry to buy material it’s your duty to ask them for receipts and see if they purchasing good quality products as per the money you paid for it.

These are few of the many important questions that you need to ask your contractor before you hire them just so you are sure of the long term business commitment ahead.

Affordable Public Transports in Dubai

When one lists the best tourists options around the world it’s impossible to skip Dubai from the list. Dubai is one of the most favourite tourist’s spots in the world and it earns most of its revenue from tourism industry. Dubai’s infrastructure is far more sophisticated and developed compared to rest of the emirates in UAE, transport being one of them.

If you are someone new to Dubai or plan on visiting it any time soon you need to know about all the transport options available there as you most definitely will be doing a lot of roaming about. There are more than one ways to travel around in Dubai such as Dubai Metro, RTA Buses, take a taxi or if you feel fancy you can even book a helicopter.

  1. Dubai Metro

Dubai Metro is definitely the most commonly used method of transport in Dubai. It is one of a kind man-less train system in the entire world. It spreads over most parts of Dubai and can easily be accessed by everyone. Moreover, Dubai government has launched a new plan for Metro expansion after which the metro track will increase by 15KM covering more areas in Dubai than before. Dubai Metro can be used either by purchasing a one-time ticket every time you travel through it or buy a NOL Card that will cost you only AED 25 having usable credit of AED 19. Minimum fare is AED 3 and maximum Fare is AED 7.5.

  1. RTA Bus

Dubai Metro although is the most commonly used mode of transport in Dubai it does not cover every area and hence leaves you with the option of RTA Bus. Metro being faster than the bus saves you time and while RTA Bus is incapable of doing that it definitely saves you transport fee and lets you travel economically to various places in Dubai. Metro and RTA Bus’s fares are the same therefore the NOL card you buy for the Metro can be used for RTA Bus as well. Dubai has excellent road infrastructure all over therefore choosing RTA Bus over Metro is not really an issue.

  1. Dubai Tram

RTA Bus service launched a new transport project in 2013 named Dubai Tram which operates in Dubai Marina district only. The project officially began and the development work began in the start of 2014 and within 9 or 10 months the entire project finished and since November 2014 the Dubai Tram is actively and successfully operating in Dubai Marina. Dubai Tram is the most popular mode of transport for people residing in the Marina district, Jumeirah Lake Tower (JLT) and Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR). Again the NOL can be used to buy a ticket in Dubai Tram as well.

  1. Dubai Taxi

Dubai taxis are easily available everywhere. The moment you arrive in Dubai and walk outside the airport you will find hundreds of taxis available ready to take you wherever you wish to go. Using a cab is probably the quickest way of travelling within Dubai but the fares are higher than RTA Bus and Metro, AED 12 which was AED 10 previously. Cab ride is considered on the luxury side in most parts of the world and it’s the same in Dubai as well. Most of the cab drivers accept cash and NOL card while a few also accept credit card.

These are some of the most affordable and easily available transport options in Dubai. If you can afford and feel fancy you can either hire your own car, book a limo or even a helicopter!