Best Spherical Bearings for Bridges are Here!

If you are looking for a place to buy high-quality spherical bearings for bridges or bearing pads for bridges then Eco Engineering Solution is for you!

Established in 1997, Eco Engineering Solution aims to provide comprehensive supply solutions to the construction industry. Representing leading manufacturers from Europe and the US made us capable of achieving the highest standards using the latest innovative technologies expanding our scope to even a turnkey solution.

Strategically located in UAE with affiliate offices providing local support, we cover the territories of GCC countries and Iraq.

Let’s see why construction industries are relying on Eco Engineering Solutions for their spherical bearings for bridges, instrumentation, sensors, machine safety, and connectivity products.

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Excellent Service Combined with Technical Expertise

Eco Engineering Solutions is always up-to-date with the changing technology and our professional team of designers, engineers and operation experts bring to you a range of high-quality services that are required to carry any heavy duty work.


Eco Engineering Solution is with you right from the start of your project. They not only assess the full picture of your project requirements but help you finalize the design, construction, operation planning, and maintenance and upgrade when applicable.

Design & Engineering

At Eco Engineering Solutions, you find the most custom-made solutions based on your specific requirements, process, and objectives. All you get is an optimized design for bearing pads for bridges that are also technically supported.


Eco Engineering Solutions provide you with spherical bearings for bridges that are manufactured using the innovative technologies and solutions that are developed to improve the cost of ownership, process efficiency and sustainability by the world leading partners in the engineering industry.


Eco Engineering Solutions understand the value of your time; supported by large manufacturing capacities & local logistic department, we ensure timely and efficient supply chain solutions so you get right delivery of your product at the right time.

Site Supervision

We are a team of highly trained and certified engineers who ensure the installation of bearing pads for bridges is done accurately and in due respect of our safety and environmental guidelines.

So, you see how reliable and trusted are the services offered by Eco Engineering Solutions. We are with you in every step; helping you in assessment to designing to manufacturing to supply to site supervision.

We also take care of the quality spherical bearings or bearing pads for bridges. The best quality spherical bearings are available with Eco Engineering Solutions.

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