Road Safety Accessories and Products from Eco Engineering Solutions

Eco engineering solutions provide incredibly reliable Road safety accessories and road safety products to the city of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE and other western countries. We design a range of such accessories which play a significant part in mitigating the traffic congestion. In this post, we will be giving a brief overview of our road safety accessories.

  1. Traffic Mirrors: – They play a vital role in preventing any tragic accidents especially where pedestrians converge with the traffic like the areas of warehouses and the parking areas etc.

Our Traffic Mirrors are designed to withstand the toughest of weather which also includes the environment with many chemicals.

Apart from saving thousands of lives (if not millions), the traffic mirrors also play a significant part in improving the flow of traffic.

  1. Boom Barrier: – The barriers allow sophisticated movement of the traffic especially in places like the Toll system, automatic parking system and card access system etc. They are a perfect system for allowing only relevant individuals to pass through a given place.

The advantage about them is that they occupy minimum area and does not dampen the aesthetic appeal of that place in a significant way. They can be placed and removed without fixing them to the ground with nuts and bolts.

Eco engineering solutions provide both manuals as well as electric boom barrier.

  1. Road Signs: – Road designs provide urgent notification to the incoming traffic. They are erected on the side of the road.

Eco designs attention-grabbing Road signs with the help of a unique pattern or design. The road signs are perfect for areas like highways/ roads with steep curve ahead, for taking a right (or left) turn at the parking slot, at the factories and the industrial areas, etc.

How Should The Road Signs Be?

Needless to say but the Road signs (and especially the mandatory ones) should be eye-grabbing with an aesthetic design. They should be resistant to the UV, moisture and harsh temperatures.

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    1. Anti-Skid Coatings: – These coatings are available in a variety of colors. Anti-skid coatings are essential at places where the road is slippery especially at the parking places and walking ramps. Anti-skid coatings from the Eco engineering solutions are long-lasting due to the high strength epoxy.
    1. Solar Signals and Street Lights: – Solar is an abundant resource for providing electricity to the lighting system and signs on roads which are not in the proximity of the power grid. These systems are eco-friendly and are incredibly reliable as they are not dependent on the conventional source of electricity.

Eco engineering solutions provide solar signals and street lights which have hassle-free installation and maintenance too. These systems are highly efficient and are ideal for Street campus of educational institutions, places which do not have a power source and other similar areas.

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We are a renowned provider of Road safety accessories and products in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. We mainly engage with the corporates or the governments for providing our road safety accessories. For more information, you can reach us at

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