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Highway Guardrail

The importance of a Highway Guardrail can never be underestimated as they are capable of preventing fatal accidents on the highway. Eco Engineering Solutions provides customized Guardrail solutions from reputed providers across the world.

Imperative zones on highways for installing the Guardrails

Guardrails are always important especially on the unusual terrains which can be devastating for the drivers. There is a myriad of ways that a guardrail can be a life saviour such as deflecting the vehicle back onto the highway, degrading its speed to a safe level or completely stopping it. Most highway guardrails from Eco Engineering solutions are useful in halting the uncontrolled vehicle.

highway guardrail

What are Guardrails made from?

They are made from high end galvanized steel such as high strength- 12 and ten gauges. Such high quality of steel allows for adequate absorption of the impact of high-speed vehicles.

Why trust our highway guardrails?

In a life-threatening accident, there can never be a compromise on the quality of Guardrails. This is why we conduct destructive accidental tests in real life conditions. Our Guardrails are incredibly efficient in deflecting the car back onto the highway. However, any vehicle speeding above 80 MPH may not achieve the desired result from the guardrails.

There are two essential elements of the Guard Rail. One is the Guardrail face, and the other is the end terminal. The vital function of the guardrail face is to prevent the rolling of the high-speed motor vehicle whereas the end terminal works to absorb the head on impact.

Eco provides a variety of rail end treatments in varied types such as question mark and flared end.

Types of Guardrails which we provide

W Beam: – They are the standard highway guardrails which are used across the world and made from the gauge steel. Over the period, the beam gets deteriorated from weather and environmental conditions; therefore, we usually apply Zinc and other high-end coating materials for resistance.

Bolt-on rails: – They are inexpensive compared to the other guard rail systems but are usually not used for the highway to withstand the high impact moving vehicle.

Thrie-beam highway guardrail: – They are incredibly useful especially at the curve or slopes. They can be designed for any application and offers versatile design along with longer life.

As far as performance and versatility is concerned, we highly recommend them for the highways. Other advantages it offers is its low cost, elegant shapes and anti-corrosion properties and more importantly, the damaged part is easy to replace.

Why us?

We have been designing quality highway guardrail for more than two decades. Our engineered products are extensively used in many countries, and we are proud to provide the high-end safety measures to the people of United Arab Emirates. The design of our guardrails adheres to global standards and has saved thousands of lives across the world. Contact us for the installation and repair of Highway Guardrails at +971 2 6500855 or +971 2 6500877. Check out our website at ecooo.com

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