Cable Barrier System – The Life Savior

Tragedy often arrives unannounced. While being alert can prevent most of the fatal accidents, a reliable external preventive measure is a must for road accidents in today’s world where everyone is in a rush (for no apparent reason honestly).

A Cable barrier system, since their inception, has saved thousands of lives if not millions. They consist of either three or four high tension steel cables hanged on wooden poles.

cable barrier system

The poles are of small heights which are spread uniformly over the entire length of the road. Most fatal accidents such as car crashes usually take place at the weaving traffic; therefore, high tension Cable barrier systems need to be installed at such locations.

No. of Accidents in Abu Dhabi

Approximately 200 people die every year in Abu Dhabi in road accidents. 50 per cent of those accidents are due to the speeding crashes and crossing. An efficient Cable barrier system in Abu Dhabi can effectively reduce the fatal accidents.

Advantages of the Cable barrier system

  1. If we consider cable barriers v/s concrete barriers, the former are incredibly inexpensive to buy and maintain as compared to the latter.
  1. Very easy to install even on the sloped terrain.
  1. The fatality of the accident reduces significantly with a Cable barrier system. This is due to the transfer of the collision forces to the vehicle in the lateral direction.
  1. The quick fix of the Cable barrier system by ECO at an affordable price.

Less damage to the vehicle calls for lighter expenditure on repairing

Accidents accompany pain and often grief with themselves. A significant damaging repair cost to your vehicle adds salt to the wounds. However, thanks to the Cable barrier system, the collision forces are massively dampened due to high tensile steel wires which absorb the forces. The high tensile strength allows them to withstand the high pressure of the moving vehicle without breaking.

Why choose Eco as your Cable barrier systems suppliers?

We have been providing reliable engineering solutions for more than two decades. Our Cable barrier systems are extremely affordable. We are committed to providing the best preventive engineering solutions for accidental cases to the people of United Arab Emirates.

Why are we the best?

Our engineering solutions can be customized for every budget. Exceeding the client’s requirements is paramount to us. Fantastic communication and field work is where we excel. Eco has engineered many innovative solutions for the people, and our Cable barrier system is undoubtedly one among many. All our products pass exhaustive tests which are executed in real life scenarios instead of the ideal conditions.

Our Other Engineering Solutions

Apart from the Cable barrier system, our engineering solutions include structural devices, other road safety solutions, MSE walls & arch bridges. Eco has engineered a highly effective water filtration system.

Give us a call

Want to test our Cable barrier systems? Give a call to Eco at +971 2 6500855, +971 2 6500877 and one of our representatives will surely get back to you. We are willing to offer a high-end demo service of our Cable barrier system to the interested parties. For cable barrier installation, check out our website at

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