8 Questions You Need to Ask Before Hiring a General Contractor

Commercial building renovation is not a small project and can be a huge financial investment. Setting your expectations right with your contractor before you hire them will prepare you better for the process ahead. How do you do that? Ask them a few simple questions:

  1. What is their experience in the field and if they have done the particular kind of work you need for your house. It’s important they are experienced in the field because you do not want someone to experiment with your house.
  2. Are they working legally? Do they have a license they are working under as a general contractor? Are they insured? It’s important they are working legally and are fully covered by their insurance company in case any accidents happen.
  3. Will they be working alone or will they be hiring someone else as well? It’s important you know of anyone else who might be involved with your project. You do not want strangers lurking around your house.
  4. Ask them for their portfolios or contacts of their previous clients. You need to have a look at what kind of work your prospect contractor is capable of doing and how the experience of their clients with them was in the past.
  5. Can they provide you with a timeline of the project? Though unexpected problems may prolong the finishing time of your project but it is important you know realistic timeline for the entire project because you will be paying for all those days.
  6. Are they involved with any other project at the moment? This may result in divided attention and may impact your project but a professional knows how to handle all the balls in their hands and it doesn’t hurt to ask them either.
  7. Will they be handling all the legal documentation, processes and permits? Building a house or renovate one can involve a lot of legal documentation and permits and you cannot be around for all of them. It is better your contractor handles those matters since they are experienced but you should be a part of every permit and document that is signed.
  8. What material will be used? Since it’s the contractor that has a better understanding of the construction industry to buy material it’s your duty to ask them for receipts and see if they purchasing good quality products as per the money you paid for it.

These are few of the many important questions that you need to ask your contractor before you hire them just so you are sure of the long term business commitment ahead.

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