Affordable Public Transports in Dubai

When one lists the best tourists options around the world it’s impossible to skip Dubai from the list. Dubai is one of the most favourite tourist’s spots in the world and it earns most of its revenue from tourism industry. Dubai’s infrastructure is far more sophisticated and developed compared to rest of the emirates in UAE, transport being one of them.

If you are someone new to Dubai or plan on visiting it any time soon you need to know about all the transport options available there as you most definitely will be doing a lot of roaming about. There are more than one ways to travel around in Dubai such as Dubai Metro, RTA Buses, take a taxi or if you feel fancy you can even book a helicopter.

  1. Dubai Metro

Dubai Metro is definitely the most commonly used method of transport in Dubai. It is one of a kind man-less train system in the entire world. It spreads over most parts of Dubai and can easily be accessed by everyone. Moreover, Dubai government has launched a new plan for Metro expansion after which the metro track will increase by 15KM covering more areas in Dubai than before. Dubai Metro can be used either by purchasing a one-time ticket every time you travel through it or buy a NOL Card that will cost you only AED 25 having usable credit of AED 19. Minimum fare is AED 3 and maximum Fare is AED 7.5.

  1. RTA Bus

Dubai Metro although is the most commonly used mode of transport in Dubai it does not cover every area and hence leaves you with the option of RTA Bus. Metro being faster than the bus saves you time and while RTA Bus is incapable of doing that it definitely saves you transport fee and lets you travel economically to various places in Dubai. Metro and RTA Bus’s fares are the same therefore the NOL card you buy for the Metro can be used for RTA Bus as well. Dubai has excellent road infrastructure all over therefore choosing RTA Bus over Metro is not really an issue.

  1. Dubai Tram

RTA Bus service launched a new transport project in 2013 named Dubai Tram which operates in Dubai Marina district only. The project officially began and the development work began in the start of 2014 and within 9 or 10 months the entire project finished and since November 2014 the Dubai Tram is actively and successfully operating in Dubai Marina. Dubai Tram is the most popular mode of transport for people residing in the Marina district, Jumeirah Lake Tower (JLT) and Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR). Again the NOL can be used to buy a ticket in Dubai Tram as well.

  1. Dubai Taxi

Dubai taxis are easily available everywhere. The moment you arrive in Dubai and walk outside the airport you will find hundreds of taxis available ready to take you wherever you wish to go. Using a cab is probably the quickest way of travelling within Dubai but the fares are higher than RTA Bus and Metro, AED 12 which was AED 10 previously. Cab ride is considered on the luxury side in most parts of the world and it’s the same in Dubai as well. Most of the cab drivers accept cash and NOL card while a few also accept credit card.

These are some of the most affordable and easily available transport options in Dubai. If you can afford and feel fancy you can either hire your own car, book a limo or even a helicopter!

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