5 Long-lasting Building Materials

Ever since man saw the dawn of civilization he started experimenting with various materials to build houses, buildings and bridges. What began with a hit and trial method using different building materials changed into modern research and with the evolution of modern architecture a lot of durable and long-lasting building materials came into being.

In today’s civilized world the major concern in industrial and commercial construction projects are their reliability, durability and long-lasting ability. That is why a lot of attention, research and innovation go into the quality of various construction materials employed in buildings so that they last for many years to come.

Here are five most long-lasting building materials, though science has reached new heights and so many alloys and combination materials have been made which are found to be more durable but these for now are the ones that are most commonly used:

  1. Brick

Brinks have been used to construct structures since forever. The Pantheon, the Great Wall of China, the Roman aqueducts etc., are all made of bricks. Bricks are made of clay, the dried silt dug out and broken into pieces was used in construction way back but as experimentation began moulding came into being. The silt was then dried in moulds and heated to give the bricks extra firmness and strength.

  1. Concrete

Concrete is actually a mixture of a number of things such as sand, stone, binders and cement etc. This flexible material is extremely tough and strong when dried therefore most of the infrastructure companies use concrete to build walls, beams, frames and slabs in a building. It can also be poured into moulds to get concrete bricks or other forms.

  1. Steel & Iron

Concrete is a great option but something even stronger than can hold the load of an entire structure was also needed that is why iron and then steel entered the construction industry. Steel is made up of different alloys which impart it the strength, rust-proof ability and also the capability to endure any kind of weather effects. Steel can be used either for some parts of a building or as the foundation.

  1. Wood

Wood can either be used as a primary construction material to build a frame over a concrete foundation, log cabins that are blended with other materials, or it can be used as a secondary construction material for support or decoration purposes inside the building. The major significance of wood is that it’s lightweight and can remove moisture from the surroundings. However, it may get severely damaged by fire but as a construction material it is highly durable.

  1. Stone

Stone is natural and if proper cutting equipment is available, there is nothing similar to it in the construction industry. Stone comes in a variety of forms and colours and can be used to form the entire structure of a building or use it as a secondary material for aesthetic purposes inside and outside a building. Stone is impressively tough and durable and since it is natural it can withstand various environmental factors.

Construction industry has come a long way. There are so many improved forms of steel, alloys and stone that are now employed in building construction.

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