Solutions to Improve the Security of the Road Roller’s Operation

Road rollers have been employed in road construction industry for decades now. They are basically used coupled with different compacting and smoothening equipment for various road construction operations. A road roller normally consists of roller units at the front and rear end with a hydraulic steering system. Initial compaction of any road surface is achieved by the use of roller tires. The wheels are flexible to attain some vertical movement that enables the roller to operate efficiently on an irregular ground surface.

After the initial compression of an uneven surface the final compression is done using roller drums. The drum’s weight is used for that purpose and on some equipment the roller drums are filled with water to attain the weight desired for compaction of the road surface. Compaction can be increased with a smaller machine by using vibrating roller drums to achieve the same compactness as by a larger roller. Road rollers’ drum surface is usually lubricated with water to prevent the asphalt from getting affixed with it and ruin the surface’s smoothness and the overall result, allowing the drum to compact as smoothly as possible. Besides compacting road surfaces, road rollers are also employed for the compaction of landfills. Since landfill compaction does not require a perfectly smooth surface therefore road rollers with knobbed wheels are used for this purpose.

Road rollers are often working at dangerous sites fixing the uneven and difficult roads and chances are high they may encounter unlikely situations and break down. If the road roller’s operator isn’t very experienced they may be paying too much attention at controlling the machine itself and forget to manoeuvre successfully through the bumps, ditches and difficult patches of road. When the road rollers are very likely to confront with problems on the roads it is necessary to equip the machine with highly reliable brake system.

All the major road construction equipment makers in the world work day and night to improve the technology and create more sophisticated and easy to handle heavy construction machinery to minimise potential risks and accidents. They realised the importance of a fool-proof brake system in road rollers for safe operation and adopted advanced technologies to strengthen the machine’s brake system.

Road rollers now come equipped with full hydraulic all-wheel brake system that provides reliable braking in extreme conditions such as engine failure, transmission failure or road accident. Braking distance in these new generation road rollers is reduced by almost 50% compared to the other equipment in the same construction machinery category which has proven to be highly efficient at preventing brake-related safety hazards.

Also, it is extremely important the construction companies to do not hand over any kind of heavy construction machinery to a novice or anyone with less experience than required to operate a machine as complicated as a road roller. Sure it doesn’t go at the speed of a race car but it does require sharp senses, reflexes and experience otherwise no improvised brake system or any other technical improvement is going to prevent men at work from getting into trouble every time a beginner operates a road roller.

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