Top 5 Construction Machinery Manufacturers

We have seen a number of mega construction projects going on one after another all over the world which is good news for companies who manufacture construction machinery. Billions of dollars worth construction equipment is sold worldwide owing to the massive growth in construction industry but who are the biggest construction machinery manufacturers in the world? Who are those that are leading in this business?

Here are some of the world’s top construction machinery manufacturers that specialize in building heavy-duty automobiles utilized in construction tasks:

  1. Caterpillar (USA)

Caterpillar Inc, an American corporation, has been around for ages now. The company was founded in 1800s with Benjamin Holt building his first combined harvester in California in 1886. Beginning with that, Caterpillar has always proven to be the best in the industry with their problem solving abilities and people who make extraordinary things happen. They design, develop, engineer, manufacture, market and sell heavy-duty construction machinery, engines, financial products and insurance to customers all over the world. Caterpillar announced in January this year that they will be moving their head office from Peoria to Chicago.

  1. Komatsu (Japan)

Komatsu came into being in 1917 in Japan as Komatsu Iron Works that was meant to make machine tools and mining equipment for Takeuchi Mining Industry for their in-house use only. The company later separated from Takeuchi Mining Company became Komatsu Ltd and expanded their manufacturing and sales to other companies. They created their and Japan’s first crawler-type farm tractor in 1931 and have since produced a number of heavy construction, mining and military machinery and industrial equipment such as press machines, lasers and thermoelectric generators.

  1. Volvo Construction Equipment (Sweden)

Volvo Construction Equipment started their journey back in mid 1800s in Eskilstuna, Sweden when three men, two brothers Jean and Carl Gerhard Bolinder, and Johan Theofron Munktell, laid the foundation for the company and sold Sweden’s first locomotive in 1853 after years of hard work and research. The company has grown exponentially over the years through in-house development as well as mergers and acquisitions. With their headquarters situated in Brussels, the company has now numerous production facilities all over the world including France, Germany, Poland, US, Mexico, Brazil, India, China and Korea. They are known for their top quality wheel loaders, hydraulic excavators, articulated haulers, motor graders, soil and asphalt compactors, pavers etc.

  1. Hitachi Construction Equipment (Japan)

Hitachi has come a long way since its inception more than 100 years ago. Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd is a construction equipment manufacturing company in Japan which is part of Hitachi Group of companies. The company has stayed true to their commitment to efficiency, quality, reliability and durability since they started their first electric motor repair shop in Japan in 1910, and their recent introduction of Dash-6 models to the world proves their ability to innovate beyond imagination. Hitachi Construction Equipment caters to both large and small-scale construction industries and offers machinery to carry out digging, loading, carrying, breaking, grabbing, cutting, crushing, and screening

  1. Liebherr (Germany)

Liebherr is a group of companies which has over 100 companies structured into ten industries: Earthmoving, Mining, Mobile Cranes, Tower Cranes, Concrete Technology, Maritime Cranes, Aerospace and Transportation Systems, Machine Tools and Automation Systems, Domestic Appliances, and Components. The company started in post-war era in Germany when many parts of the country needed to be rebuilt. Hans Liebherr who was managing his parents building firm in South Germany at that time saw the need for tools and machinery in industry and domestic construction industry and later together with design engineers and industry people he developed his first tower crane in 1949. Today, the company owns world’s most powerful and tallest crawler cane that has the ability to lift 3000 tonnes of weight

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