Highway Construction Equipment: Top 4 Maintenance Tips

Whether it’s an artist, engineer or a constructor, preserving one’s tools and machinery the right way is the first and foremost task every professional needs to do. In case of construction engineers and experts, the excavators, bulldozers and other heavy machinery work really hard and keeping everything in top condition is no easy task. However, you will notice that the more you put your energy into maintaining your heavy machinery the more you will be able to depend on them when needed. Lower costs, less frequent breakdowns and minimal traffic impacts are just a few of the many benefits of regular machinery maintenance.

Here are our top 3 tips that will ensure your heavy construction machinery stays in shape all year long and works as efficiently as it did the first day.

Run Scheduled Maintenance

Pretty obvious, right? The top tip to maintaining healthy and perfectly in condition machines (or any vehicle for that matter) is to keep a schedule of important maintenance tasks and sticking to it as well. Maintenance is usually done on a number of levels and not every type needs to be repeated every few weeks or months. Lube jobs, vehicle inspection, or tire inspection can be performed every month or so, oil and filter changes is a rather more complex issue and should be checked every two to four months, component testing or brake overhaul and replacement are usually performed every six to twelve months, and engine refurbishment should be done after every two years. Moreover, these scheduled maintenance jobs may vary depending on the extent a machine is used. Obviously if it’s being used a lot you will need to squeeze in a few more check-up routines in usual schedule.

Train Your Staff Regularly

Will you hand over an expensive machine to someone who has no idea how to operate it? Will you be not concerned about the person’s safety and the machine’s maintenance issue? Think about it. You may not immediately consider training your staffs as a huge maintenance issue but it is. As the machines are refurbished, renewed and upgraded, keeping everyone in the loop about what has been done and how that changes operation is important and should be taught.

Store Them Properly

This is probably somewhat neglected and owners end up going into trouble and spending a lot more money when reusing the machines after a long hiatus. If you have heavy vehicles and machinery that you know will not be used for an extended period of time, you need to store them properly. If you thought you saved money by not investing in a storage building, you are wrong. The cost to store your vehicles outdoors anywhere other than a storage building is thrice the cost to building a storage house. Before you put any machine away make sure you wash everything thoroughly, dry them and give the machine a complete inspection: check for any broken or wobbly parts, any bare spots on paint that may invite rust.

Go Digital

Lastly, keeping records of every inspection cycle and maintenance is super essential so that no one is left behind; you need everyone on the same page. Also, paper inspection forms can go missing easily and are not accessible to everyone at the same time, go digital if you can and save all your important data on the cloud so that any technician or engineer has their hands on it whenever need be.

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