Common Road Construction Hazards

Major accidents and hazards resulting from road construction and construction in general happen quite frequently with minor accidents occurring a lot more. With the necessary education and safety gear given to the employees from their bosses, a lot of the unnecessary accidents can be prevented.

Here are some of the most common construction hazards:

Working at Height

Accidents related to falls from heights at construction sites are probably the most commonly reported ones. Construction and/or demolition of buildings requires workers to be at a certain height and proper safety gear and training is essential for employees required to work at height.

Moving Objects

Road construction requires constant moving of vehicles, materials and workers, overhead lifting equipment, shifting heavy loads, supply vehicles and dumper trucks etc, all that manoeuvring over an uneven path can become risky.

Slips, Trips, & Falls

Road construction sites are a mish-mash of holes in the ground, uneven terrain and various equipment and materials being transported, considering the diverse range of activities going on at a road construction site, slips, trips and falls seem unavoidable and happen almost on a daily basis.

Material & Equipment Handling

The equipment being constantly used in road construction to lie down, transport and mix materials are not light-weight and require proper training and education on employee’s part. Failure to operate heavy duty construction machinery can lead to fatal accidents.

Respiratory Diseases

Construction sites have a multitude of activities going on at the same time which can often result in an often invisible, fine, toxic mixture of hazardous materials and fibres in the air that can cause lung damage of not only the workers but anyone living nearby.


Noise hazard is inevitable in construction industry. Loud noises created by heavy machinery and workers trying to communicate over these loud noises results in unbearable noise pollution that can cause hearing problems if workers are exposed to it for long-term.

A lot of accidents can be avoided simply by having a proper work system in place, providing workers with necessary education and safety equipment.

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